Introducing the Holocaust (Paperback)

A Graphic Guide

Haim Bresheeth, Stuart Hood

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‘Excellent … an astounding amount of material.’ Times Educational Supplement

Popular culture often portrays the Holocaust as a horrific drama played out between Nazi executioners and ghetto Jewish victims – in short, a single aberration of history.

Introducing the Holocaust is a powerful graphic guide that dissolves this stereotype, explaining the causes and its relevance today. It places the Holocaust where it belongs – at the centre of modern European and world history.

Haim Bresheeth and Stuart Hood – along with Litza Jansz’s outstanding illustrations – bring a unique and unforgettable perspective to how we think about this most dark of shadows on human history.



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ISBN: 9781848315143

Price: 6.99

Pages: 176

Publication date: 02-05-2013

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