Introducing Postmodernism: A Graphic Guide


With witty illustration and concise, authoritative text, Graphic Guides bring to life complex, theoretical topics like Quantum Theory, Logic or Postmodernism, and help you get your head around thinkers from Aristotle to Zizek.

The books introduce engaged readers to advanced subjects in a fun and accessible way by the revolutionary means of non-fiction comic books.

With over 4 million copies of Graphic Guides sold to date, this highly-regarded unique series enlightens and entertains readers around the world, and is translated into over 30 different languages. With over 80 titles currently in print, we continue to expand with new titles across philosophy, politics, science and the arts.


The first English translation of legendary Mexican cartoonist Rius’ Marx para Principiantes (Marx for Beginners) was published in 1976 by Richard Appignanesi and became an instant hit. Its popularity signalled the existence of a readership hungry for information on ‘big topics’ which could be supplied by the revolutionary means of non-fiction comic books. The For Beginners series, now known as Introducing, was born.