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Introducing Graphic Guides now available as ebooks


We’re very pleased to announce the launch of our Introducing… Graphic Guides in ebook format for the first time! Twenty-eight titles are available to read on all ereading devices and available from wherever you like to buy your ebooks, priced at £4.99/ $6.99/ €4.99.

The full list of titles available now is:
Introducing Psychology
Introducing Quantum Theory
Introducing Philosophy
Introducing Freud
Introducing Postmodernism
Introducing Logic
Introducing Nietzsche
Introducing Marxism
Introducing Particle Physics
Introducing Capitalism
Introducing Chaos
Introducing Ethics
Introducing Buddha
Introducing Foucault
Introducing Relativity
Introducing Linguistics
Introducing Time
Introducing Statistics
Introducing Islam
Introducing Continental Philosophy
Introducing Slavoj Zizek
Introducing Stephen Hawking
Introducing Economics
Introducing Melanie Klein
Introducing Critical Theory
Introducing Genetics
Introducing Feminism
Introducing Fractals

More to come soon!

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