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Exciting news! Introducing Lévi-Strauss now in compact format

Introducing Levi-Strauss jacket cover

We’re delighted to announce that Introducing Lévi-Strauss is now available in compact format.

Introducing Lévi-Strauss is a guide to the work of the great French anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss (1908–2009), tracing the development and influence of his thought, from his early work on the function of the incest taboo to initiate an exchange of women between groups, to his identification of a timeless “wild” or “primitive” mode of thinking – a pensée sauvage – behind the processes of human culture.

Accessibly written by Boris Wiseman and beautifully illustrated by Judy Groves, Introducing Lévi-Strauss also explores the major contribution that Lévi-Strauss made to contemporary aesthetic history – his work on American-Indian mythology provides a key insight into the way in which art itself comes into being.

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